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12th July 2007

8:56am: :-D
Well its official. I'm going to marry Jason. Fucking YAY!!!!
Current Mood: ecstatic

23rd May 2007

6:54pm: work and other excitement
Its been a while since I"ve written a journal entry of any type, but I have a fair idea that no one will read this so whay the hell not. I still can't seem to believe that in two days I will be a homeowner and within two years (give or take a few months) I will also be a wife. I'm amazed at how my life has change in such a short period of time. I feel like my life began in 2005 going to sachool in California was the best decision I could have ever made. It opened me up as a person...helped me to grow and find this new path. After 12 years of angst I'm finally enjoying my life. I finally enjoy living. Despite the pain an anxiety life may bring I now understand that it means nothing. I'm stronger than any of it.

I've found a man who compliments me so well and challenges me enough and above all else loves me enough that I can't imagine being without him. I can see him holding our children and even our grandchildren. It took a lot of coaxing in the very beginning. Honestly I was afraid of every kind word. I can't describe how good i feel everyday I'm with him. I can't sleep well without him. He's the biggest geek I know and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My family is as it almost always has been. Mom hoolds us all together, dad lives half with us and half in his own little world. And my brother is still a superman to me. He buys his house a few days after I close on my condo. He earned his Masters last year and is currently working on his doctorate in physical therapy from MGH. On top of that he works approximately three jobs.

My own job is interesting. I never imagined that doing the same thing everyday could be challenging. Bread seems to be simple, but it takes a lot of time effort and observation to make something so basic and wonderful. My co-workers are amazing and insane. Its like one big happy disfunctional family. They really do feel like family, I can and often do speak with them about almost anything. In the absence of any close friends here these people at work easily and comfortably fill the void.

I finally feel like things are really falling into place just as they should.
Current Mood: thoughtful

28th March 2007

10:22pm: The condo life
I am buying a condo in a quaint little town off of Rte 495. The closing date is May 25th...HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!
Current Mood: optimistic

31st July 2006

8:47am: boo fucking hoo
I am currently unemployed, been laid off due to budget constraints. So the new job search has begun. If anyone needs the assistance of a young pastry cook with one year of fine dining experience in the Ashland or Boston area...feel free to let me know

11th June 2006

6:24pm: cohabitation
wow its been three or has it been four weeks since my man moved in. It all happened so fast its a bit hard to recall. So far though its great. The apartment stays clean longer as I am now more motivated to keep it so, and honestly is there a better feeling than waking up next to the man you love??? (especially when he puts up with me being a rabid bitch, which seems to be most of the time).

I only wish i were that way less often. especially at work...holy shit that place is making me crazy...or maybe its the people, or maybe (and i certainly hope not) I just don't belong in a kitchen. I need a fucking vacation.

I would love to go to San Francisco again. I haven't been since I left school. Having spent nine months there for school i must say California holds a special place in my heart. I would love to show Jay where I went to school, and have him drive us down rt 1 and around Stinson beach and Muir Woods...7-10 days would be fantastic if only I could afford it...
Current Mood: tired

22nd April 2006

9:01am: i'm excited
in about one month Jay will be moving in....then by september 1st we'll be getting a place together all our own. I can't wait!

13th February 2006

7:32pm: bored and still just a little sniffly
well now doesn't this just suck...hmmm i hope my life keeps getting better

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Current Mood: curious

7th February 2006

4:55pm: I'm killing time till around 8-ish when my friend should arrive for the night *wink wink*. Its only been four months? Feels like at least six...is that good or bad? I'm leaning towards fantastic.

Work on the other hand has been bringing me down a bit. Mainly due to the fact (it is indeed a fact) that I am at total moron. I read a recipe and bring an ingredient that is not listed. I substituted heavy cream for milk accidentally today. I think I might be a little dyslexic ie reading the recipe at the bottom of the page simultaneously with the proper one at the top...thus cream for milk and thus ruining the product...WAY too much fat for the pastry cream to be usable. and I'm still slow and I seem to make up calculations in my head. puff dough should be 8" x10" not 12". its a waste.

It all helps to give whatever mild depression I seem to always have lurking just under the surface a bit of a boost. C'est la vie, n'est pas?
Current Mood: pensive

3rd December 2005

2:18am: livejournal huh?
right so this is diary number three? hmmm I think I"m going to be cheating a lot with the whole copy paste scenario from myspace and diaryland. I'm definitely not coordinated enough to keep up with three entrees...I need to sleep but I need to wait for laundry to be finished...fucking neighbors all doing laundry on the same day.
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