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work and other excitement

Its been a while since I"ve written a journal entry of any type, but I have a fair idea that no one will read this so whay the hell not. I still can't seem to believe that in two days I will be a homeowner and within two years (give or take a few months) I will also be a wife. I'm amazed at how my life has change in such a short period of time. I feel like my life began in 2005 going to sachool in California was the best decision I could have ever made. It opened me up as a person...helped me to grow and find this new path. After 12 years of angst I'm finally enjoying my life. I finally enjoy living. Despite the pain an anxiety life may bring I now understand that it means nothing. I'm stronger than any of it.

I've found a man who compliments me so well and challenges me enough and above all else loves me enough that I can't imagine being without him. I can see him holding our children and even our grandchildren. It took a lot of coaxing in the very beginning. Honestly I was afraid of every kind word. I can't describe how good i feel everyday I'm with him. I can't sleep well without him. He's the biggest geek I know and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My family is as it almost always has been. Mom hoolds us all together, dad lives half with us and half in his own little world. And my brother is still a superman to me. He buys his house a few days after I close on my condo. He earned his Masters last year and is currently working on his doctorate in physical therapy from MGH. On top of that he works approximately three jobs.

My own job is interesting. I never imagined that doing the same thing everyday could be challenging. Bread seems to be simple, but it takes a lot of time effort and observation to make something so basic and wonderful. My co-workers are amazing and insane. Its like one big happy disfunctional family. They really do feel like family, I can and often do speak with them about almost anything. In the absence of any close friends here these people at work easily and comfortably fill the void.

I finally feel like things are really falling into place just as they should.
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